Teen Behind The Wheel ONLY

Teen Behind the Wheel ONLY

The Bick's Western Hills and East locations' Ohio Teen Behind the Wheel Only Program consists of 8 hours of Behind the Wheel Training. 24 hours of On-Line Training must be completed before scheduling.

Behind the Wheel Training consists of 4 private lessons (2 hours each) in a Bick's Western Hills vehicle covering basic driving skills, maneuverability, and expressway driving.

  1. Students must have their Certificate of Completion of an Online Driver Education Program: Ohio Licensed Online Provider
  2. Valid Ohio Temporary Permit
  3. Payment in Full
Once all documents have been uploaded to the Student Portal, contact our office to schedule your 4 Behind the Wheel lessons - 2 hours each.

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Serving Cincinnati and surrounding areas

Questions? Please call one of our locations: West: 513-251-7111 East: 513-251-7333