Adult Driver's Education

Adult Driver's Education

New Adult Drivers

Prior to testing for your first Ohio Driver's License, the State of Ohio does not require driver's training for those over the age of 18; it is up to the individual to determine if they need any instruction.

Key Benefits

  • Private Behind the Wheel Individual Lessons
  • Lessons catered to your specific needs
  • Pick-Up / Drop Off at Home or Work (In certain areas for an additional fee)

Course Details

Valid Temporary License: Required prior to registration

Duration of Lessons: You may choose to take a 1 or 2 hour lesson. Your instructor will evaluate your driving abilities, determine the appropriate lesson plan, and advise if further lessons are needed to reach your goals.

Schedule Lessons: Based on instructor availability Monday – Friday

Pricing: Adult Behind-Wheel-Training is $95.00 an hour

Pick–Up / Drop Off: Bick's instructors will pick-up and drop off at home or work for your lessons within our service area for an additional $20.00 per lesson.

Please call our office for appointment availability, and to Register, Pay, and Schedule lesson(s).

Note that if an adult does not pass their initial driving test, the state mandates an Adult Abbreviated Driving Course.

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