Remedial Driving Courses: What Is Defensive Driving?

Bick's Driving School wants to get you back on the road as safely as possible. It doesn't matter why you need a remedial driving course. The chances are good that the state of Ohio mandated that you take an eight-hour course before reinstating your suspended license. In today's blog, Bick's Driving School explains what exactly is defensive driving when we teach you during one of our remedial driving courses.

Defensive Driving Defined

The manual Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations defines defensive driving as driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others. This includes saving your own life and the lives of your passengers. Defensive driving in remedial driving courses doesn't just teach you the rules of the road. Our highly trained instructors teach you how to be a great driver in practical situations as well.

Remedial Driving Courses Bick's Driving School

General Principles of Defensive Driving

Defensive driving involves several principles, all of which we let you experience in real-life situations. You can only control what you do behind the wheel. Bick's Driving School instructors teach you how to react to what other drivers do and react to driving conditions as they develop. In general, you must control your speed, be alert at all times (even when stopped in traffic), and remain free from distractions. We give you tips for all of these items, including speed control in inclement weather, cell phone use, and glancing at your mirrors as you drive.

Other Drivers

Our remedial driving courses teach you to watch out for other participants in the flow of traffic. These principles apply no matter what, whether you drive down a one-lane country road, a residential cul-de-sac, or a busy freeway. Prepare for all sorts of scenarios, such as speeding drivers, cars changing lanes, people running red lights, and pedestrians alongside or crossing the street. Always watch other drivers, but remain respectful if they make a mistake. The basic rule of defensive driving with respect to other drivers is to expect the unexpected.

Safe Driving

Safe driving includes a few tips to remember. Remedial driving courses at Bick's Driving School teach you some driving lessons for safety on the road. Learn how to maintain a safe driving distance between your vehicle and others, adjusting for adverse weather conditions, and adjusting speed when going around a bend in the road. We make sure you know how to do each of these things as part of our hands-on training.

Remedial Driving Courses at Bick's Driving School

Bick's Driving School offers eight-hour remedial driving courses as specified by the state of Ohio. Our instructors are highly trained, and we can get you back on the road to reinstating your license. Contact Bick's Driving School or call (513) 251-7111 for more information.

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