Driver Rehabilitation Program: Training With Adaptive Equipment

Drivers who have been in a serious car accident may have difficulty adjusting to life after an injury. This is especially true if you want to get behind the wheel of your vehicle again. Adaptive equipment offers one way to make this process easier. Specially designed adaptive equipment helps injured drivers operate their vehicles without needing some traditional controls, such as floor pedals. Driver rehabilitation programs help drivers learn how to use these types of controls. In today's blog, Bick's Driving School examines what that training looks like.

Modified steering wheel

What Is Adaptive Equipment?

Essentially, adaptive equipment is modified equipment that helps people with limited mobility operate their vehicle. We see this most commonly in people who need to drive using a wheelchair. In those cases, drivers can use adaptive equipment that allows them to control the gas and brake pedals with their hands rather than their feet. We also see modified steering wheels that help with these hand controls so that drivers can stay focused on the road and easily access their controls. Our driver rehabilitation programs focus on using these controls to get drivers used to a new way of driving.

Why Is Adaptive Equipment Important?

For those who have suffered from a serious injury, specifically an injury that impacts your motor skills or the use of your arms or legs, adaptive equipment is absolutely necessary. Driver rehabilitation programs help drivers learn to use this adaptive equipment so that they can get back on the road. In many cases, injured drivers wouldn't be able to drive at all after their accident without some form of adaptive equipment.

How Can a Driver Rehabilitation Program Help?

The aftermath of a serious injury due to a car accident is already stressful enough. The concept of having to re-learn how to drive can be daunting. Driver rehabilitation programs help drivers learn to use their adaptive equipment and prepare them for the road. At Bick's Driving School, the goal of our driver rehabilitation program is to prepare drivers for safe travel on the road. We also want them to feel comfortable operating their adaptive equipment.

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If you have been seriously injured in a car crash, you may need adaptive equipment to drive again. A driver rehabilitation program at Bick's Driving School can help make this process easier. For more information on our programs, call (513) 251-7111 or contact us online today.

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