Why Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists Are Important

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or permanently disabled, the prospect of getting back behind the wheel of a car can be intimidating and seem impossible. Bick's Driving School wants to help you get back on the road and into your regular driving routine. Having a certified driver rehabilitation specialist is crucial when it comes to putting you safely behind the wheel of your car. In today's blog post, we discuss why rehabilitation specialists are essential to success.

Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists Certification

It isn't easy to find rehabilitation specialists for driver's education. It's even more challenging to locate a firm with a certified driver rehabilitation specialist. Certified driver rehabilitation specialists in the United States and Canada are hard to come by because there are only around 400 of them. Bick's Driving School, we are members of the Association of Driver Rehabilitative Specialists, and our instructors have certifications in driver rehabilitation services. They also have a background in physical therapy, and we have been endorsed for rehab drivers training since 2008. This certification ensures that you receive the professional training and rehab you need.

Complete Training and Evaluations

Having a certified driver rehabilitation specialist also means you get the proper training and evaluation process before getting back on the road. At Bick's Driving School, we give complete evaluations which include a clinical assessment and behind-the-wheel assessment. We perform both of these assessments on-site. We want you back on the road, but we want you to get there safely. A certified driver rehabilitation specialist evaluates you honestly and won't put you on the road by yourself until you're ready.

Adaptive Equipment

Serious injuries that require rehabilitative services may require special adaptive equipment for the driver. Bick's Driving School and our certified driver rehabilitation specialists put drivers in a vehicle adapted to their needs. Better yet, we will train individuals to drive cars with these adaptive equipment modifications so that they are fully prepared when they get back on the road in their own vehicles. We even offer vehicle modification consultations to help get adaptive equipment installed in your car.

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If you have been seriously injured and require rehab services, a certified driver rehabilitation specialist is the best way to make sure you're ready to drive again. Call at (513) 251-7111 or contact us online for more information about our services and courses.

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