What to Expect at Adult Driver's Ed

For adults who have never had a license or had their license suspended, the idea of taking an adult driver's ed course can seem intimidating. For starters, it isn't always easy to find adult driver's courses. For those who have never had a license before, the idea of learning to drive can be frightening. We are proud of the work we do with our adult driver's ed classes at Bick's Driving School. We want you to be fully comfortable when you're taking a course from one of our instructors. In today's blog post, we explain a few things you can expect from our courses.

In-Car Training

The majority of your adult driver's ed course occurs in the car with your instructor. This means you receive the most behind-the-wheel training you can get from your course, leaving you more prepared for the road ahead. These lessons typically last 1 to 2 hours, and your instructor will craft a lesson plan specifically for you. Being able to get behind the wheel for a significant amount of time means that you won't be relying on book knowledge once you return to driving. Real, in-car training and practice are crucial. We want to give you the opportunity to learn well.

Well-Trained Instructors

When it comes to adult driver's ed, nothing is more important than well-trained instructors. Bick's Driving School has the best driving instructors in the area. We hire certified driver rehabilitation specialists for individuals who also need rehabilitative services. We fine-tune our course work specifically for your lesson. We take the unique challenges you face in driver's education and develop a lesson plan to overcome those challenges.

3. Flexible Scheduling

Staffers at Bick's Driving School understand that you have a busy life. We also recognize that without a license, your ability to get to a lesson is limited. For these reasons, we offer flexible scheduling for our students. Our classes are available seven days a week. They can be scheduled at your convenience from 9 am to 9 pm Monday through Friday, and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. We also offer pick-up and drop-off service. Our instructors can come and pick you up from your home or work for your adult driver's ed course and drive you home when you're done.

Contact Bick's Driving School for Adult Driver's Ed

At Bick's Driving School, we care deeply about our students. We want to make our adult driver's ed classes as easy and stress-free as possible. For more information about these courses, give us a call at (513) 251-7111 or contact us online.

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