What Is a Driver Rehabilitation Program?

If you or someone you love recently suffered from a serious injury or has a serious illness or health condition, it may be difficult to drive. In fact, many people who suffer from serious injuries or illnesses may not be able to drive whatsoever. For these situations, driver rehabilitation programs​ can help get you or your loved one safely back on the road. In today's blog post, Bick's Driving School discusses what a driver rehabilitation program is and why they are important.

What is driver rehabilitation?

Essentially, a driver rehabilitation program is a course that provides both training and evaluation services for those needing rehabilitative services. The programs at Bick's Driving School utilize specially equipped vehicles for our drivers. Each course is led by one of our driver rehabilitation specialists. Drivers receive a complete driver evaluation during these programs, which includes behind-the-wheel assessments and training with their specialty vehicles.

Who needs driver rehabilitation programs?

Driver rehabilitation programs can benefit many people who have a physical limitation or special circumstance that impedes their driving ability. Some of these limitations and circumstances include serious injuries or illnesses, physical and mental disabilities, and even old age. For many of us, being able to drive when and where we want to is something we take for granted. Bick's Driving School never wants to take that ability for granted. That's why we have a passion for helping people who have physical limitations that prevent them from driving.

Why are rehabilitative services important?

For anybody who has suffered from a major injury, illness, or is otherwise physically limited in their driving ability, driver rehabilitation programs are vital to their safety and the safety of others on the road. People with major injuries or illnesses, specifically, may deal with physical limitations that impact motor skills they need for driving. Without proper rehabilitation for these physical limitations, it wouldn't be safe to drive. Driver rehabilitation programs help people recover from these limitations and improve their motor skills before hitting the road again.

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