What Is a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist?

For individuals who have sustained significant injuries, either from a car accident or another event, driver rehabilitation programs can be a vital part of recovery. Certified driver rehabilitation specialists are a significant asset for someone who has been seriously injured or permanently disabled due to an accident. Certified driver rehabilitation specialists will walk you through the recovery process and get you back on the road. Today, Bick's Driving School talks about what certified driver rehabilitation specialists do.

What Is a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist?

A certified driver rehabilitation specialist has undergone thorough training to provide instruction to drivers who have suffered from major injuries. When an individual suffers debilitating injuries, — to the legs, feet, arms, or hands, for example — getting back behind the wheel can seem nearly impossible. In fact, some severely injured drivers cannot operate a car without the right equipment and training. That's where certified driver rehabilitation specialists step in to help.

What Do They Do?

The certified driver rehabilitation specialists at Bick's Driving School provide training and evaluation services for individuals needing driver rehabilitation programs. This training includes specially equipped vehicles with the latest in adaptive equipment that takes into account the specific needs of the individual behind the wheel. The goal of a certified driver rehabilitation specialist is to help individuals to get back on the road safely.

Where Can I Find One?

For drivers recovering from a serious injury, finding a certified driver rehabilitation specialist is crucial to getting back to a normal life of driving. Not all rehabilitation services feature instructors with the right training or experience. At Bick's Driving School, we hire the best instructors in the industry. Bick's is a member of the Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists, and our staff includes a certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist.

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