How Long Do Student Driver's Ed Courses Take?

Driver's ed courses are an important way to ensure that new drivers are safe on the road, right from the start. These courses help students learn the rules of the road while behind the wheel with a trained instructor. Many high schools offer a student driver's ed course as a part of their standard curriculum. If that's not an option, there are other places to find quality training, such as Bick's Driving School.

Driver's ed courses in high school often take several months to complete. So, how long will a student driver's ed course take at Bick's Driving School? In today's blog post, we discuss how long our student driver's ed courses take, and we offer some specific details to consider.

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What Student Driver's Ed Course Are You Taking?

The length of your student driver's ed course depends a lot on the type of class you're taking. A summer school option could last roughly 6-8 weeks. For high schoolers taking drivers ed during school, the course consists of 12 lessons taught throughout six sessions. At Bick's Driving School, theses six classes are four hours each and we can work with your class schedule. Typically, the length of time depends on the course you are taking, as well as where you are taking it. In some states, there are specific requirements for the total number of hours in driver's ed courses.

Are You a New Driver?

Your status as a driver also plays a role in how long your student driver's ed course will take. For instance, first-time drivers taking the course may need a more comprehensive curriculum. New drivers are required to take the temporary permit test and pass it before doing any behind the wheel training. This permit test isn't required to take a drivers ed course, but it is required to complete the driving portion. Additionally, if you're a new driver, some states require a minimum amount of hours in a driver's ed program. Our program at Bick's Driving School consists of 12 lessons and eight hours of behind-the-wheel training, as required by the state of Ohio.

What Is Your Pace?

You can move at your own pace with many student driver's ed courses. While there might be a minimum number of hours you have to complete, you can finish those hours at whatever pace you like. You typically find this option with online courses. However, with school driver's ed or courses at Bick's Driving School, the pace is more regimented. Our 12 lessons provide a balance that moves you through your education quickly while not being overwhelming.

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