Driving School Cincinnati: Finding the Best Courses

Driving school is a crucial resource for many potential drivers, whether they're teenagers or adults. Just as important as attending a driving school is finding the right driver's course for you or your family. There are a wide variety of courses at any driving school in Cincinnati, from teen courses to remedial driving courses and courses geared for senior citizens and rehabilitative services. In today's blog post, Bick's Driving School Cincinnati explains a few of these options and what they provide.

Teen Driver's Ed

Far and away the most common course at driving schools in Cincinnati, teen driver's ed classes provide a variety of benefits to students. In many states — including Ohio — teenagers under the age of 18 are required to attend student driver's ed before obtaining a license. Even for states without that requirement, teen driver's ed can help prepare your child for the road, making them safer drivers once they're ready. At Bick's Driving School Cincinnati, our teen driver's ed course consists of 12 lessons. Students learn about Ohio's road laws, basic car control, defensive driving, and much more.

Adult Driver's Education

Unlike teenagers under 18, the state of Ohio does not require adult driver's education when getting your license for the first time. However, adult driver's education can be very valuable for first-time drivers, and there are a variety of options.

For Adult Driver's Education, the courses at Bick's Driving School Cincinnati include one-hour or two-hour lessons. We also offer flexible scheduling that works around your busy life. For those who have had their license suspended or failed the driving test, we provide adult abbreviated courses and remedial courses. These courses are also flexible and can work around your schedule.

Rehabilitative Services

If you have a serious injury or disability, or if you deal with conditions that significantly impact your driving ability, rehabilitative courses can help. Bick's Driving School Cincinnati offers complete driver evaluations and behind-the-wheel assessments for anybody looking to return to the road. We make sure every student is a safe driver after our courses. We also provide vehicle modification consultations to assist people in getting the proper adaptive equipment installed in their vehicle.

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