Why Are Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists Important?

If you have been in a serious car accident or you are experiencing severe health issues, you might need driver rehabilitation before being able to drive again. Certified driver rehabilitation specialists are the best option for these situations. They provide you with the best care and education as you prepare to get back on the road. In today's blog post, Bick's Driving School discusses why certified driver rehabilitation specialists are so important.

Young woman with her certified driver rehabilitation specialist

Who Needs Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists?

Driver rehabilitation programs are crucial for people who have been seriously injured or have health issues that impede their driving abilities. Bick's Driving School provides programs with specially-equipped vehicles with the latest in adaptive equipment so that drivers can get accustomed to their modified vehicle. A certified driver rehabilitation specialist works with you to ensure that you're well taken care of throughout the course. Certified driver rehabilitation specialists are well-trained, highly educated, and are the best in their field at preparing drivers for the road.

The Need for CRDS' Is Growing

Certified driver rehabilitation specialists work with drivers of all ages and limitations, including senior citizens. As the licensed senior citizen population grows over the next few decades, the need for driver rehabilitation specialists will continue to grow. Senior drivers have special needs that can be met with quality services. Certified driver rehabilitation specialists work with seniors who may be suffering from conditions that affect driving to make sure they stay safe on the road. These conditions include Multiple Sclerosis, strokes, physical disabilities, Parkinson's Disease or the early stages of dementia.

Where Can You Find a CRDS?

It isn't always easy to find a certified rehabilitation specialist. At Bick's Driving School, we offer some of the best rehabilitative services in the state. Bick's is a part of the Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists. Our staff includes certified driver rehabilitation specialists with a background in physical therapy.

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