Rehabilitative Services

Rehabilitative Services

Bick's Driving School provides both training and evaluation services for those individuals needing rehabilitative services. Bick's Driving School provides specially-equipped vehicles with the latest in adaptive equipment to provide the highest quality training that takes into account the specific needs of each individual behind the wheel. Our evaluation services not only identify the specific adaptive equipment needs a person may have but also an assessment to help individuals or families determine if they should continue driving.

Key Benefits

  • Members of the Association Of Driver Rehabilitative Specialist Organization (ADED)
  • Specially-Equipped Vehicles With Latest Adaptive Equipment
  • Staff includes CDRS (Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist Certification) with background in PT and an endorsement for rehab drivers training since 2008.

Referrals Are Currently Made From Good Samaritan Hospital, Bethesda Pro's, Drake Hospital, Cedar Village, and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities.


Course Details

Complete Driver Evaluations:

A Clinical and Behind The Wheel Driving Assessment are performed at our office. A MD prescription is required.

Behind-The-Wheel Assessments:

Behind-the-wheel assessments are offered to those individuals wishing to return to independent driving after an injury, per family request, and for individuals who are beginning to experience Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease. Behind the wheel assessments are important when dealing with a new diagnosis such as MS or Parkinson's which can significantly affect a persons driving ability.

Training with Adaptive Equipment:

An individual who requires adaptive equipment to operate a vehicle can be trained by our rehabilitative driving instructors. We offer a pick-up service at home/work. The state of Ohio requires a licensed driver to be re-tested by the state exam station when adding adaptive equipment to your vehicle. These restrictions are added to the license. A prescription will be sent to a mobility company to install a person' adaptive equipment once they can demonstrate that they can pass an OHIO BMV test.

Vehicle Modifications:

We offer vehicle modification consultations to assist with the proper equipment installation in your vehicle.

Availability And Pricing:

Please contact Tina or Tim in our Rehabilitative Department for assessment or consultation appointments at (513) 251-2100.


Serving Cincinnati and surrounding areas

Questions? Please call 513-251-7111